Online Users Hey, name's Scut, pleasure to meet ya. I'm a huge dork who amuses myself through Video Games and watching youtubers throughout my day. I have a Skype and stuff so if you wanna talk go ahead and add me, my skype's spylee56. (Also if you don't mind it'd be pretty rad if you could tell me your url when you send me the contact request, thanks) Goemon pixel made by courtney-wildfire!

"Who’s next up on line, to kiss my ass!?"

I was going to put this on the picture but my tablet was being extremely laggy you go Ellie!

sorry for not coloring it…after the last picture i drew (i posted that) i think i’m done for tonight xD

hope you like it o3o

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    ((heheheheh X3 so cute~~!! thank you ;o; I shall add it to the photo album ;o;))
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